Top Five Burger Joints in Prenzlauer Berg

Oh dear, I’ve been neglecting the blog. Apologies. My first children’s book is coming out in a couple of weeks and The Bavarian and I have been very busy. One of the things we’ve been doing is conducting some research. A survey in fact, of burger places in Prenzlauer Berg…

5. Stargarder Burger, Stargarder Straße 75, 10437 Berlin

Stargarder Burger Prenzlauer BergThe main reason this place made the list is the price. You can get a burger, chips and drink for €6 – bargainous!

There’s plenty of choice, including a couple of vegetarian options, but nothing mind-blowing.

The Bavarian says, “Average burger, average chips, average burger place.”

4. Kreuzburger, Pappelallee 19, 10437 Berlin

Kreuzberger Prenzlauer BergBerlin’s very own burger chain. The first one opened in 1996 in Kreuzberg and now there’s one in Friedrichshain and Prenzlauer Berg too. They have a wide range of burgers and many are named after different areas of Berlin – Charlottenburger (with Haloumi), Oranienburger (with fried egg), Prenzelburger (with salami, jalapenos and cheese)…

There’s also a selection of vegetarian burgers and, if you feel like something different, burritos and hot dogs.

The Bavarian says, “Try the Bavarianburger!”

3. The Bird, Am Falkplatz 5, Prenzlauerberg 10435

The Bird Prenzlauer BergThis burger and steak joint has been popular since it opened in 2006. It’s run by New Yorkers and in true American style, the portions are hearty and the staff friendly. They make everything from scratch, with good quality products. It’s always packed, so if you’re planning to go, book ahead or be prepared to wait. When we went, there were no vegetarian options, so I ended up with a big plate of chips. The chips were good. According to my fellow researchers, the burgers were also good but overpriced. Overall, we felt the place was overrated.

The Bavarian says, “To save money, take a vegetarian or someone on a diet.”

2. Burgerie, Schönhauser Allee 50, 10437 Berlinburgerie prenzlauer berg

In Prenzlauer Berg fashion, the burgers in this place have been robbed of their greasiness and made wholesome with a dash of je ne sais pas . They are made on a lava stone grill (I have no idea what that is) with organic ingredients and all that lark. The thing is, the burgers still taste great. Highlights include the French Burgy (with Brie and Cranberries), the Whiskey Burger Pikante (with spicy Whiskey-Sauce and red onions) and, if you’re really hungry, the SuperBurgy de Chef (double beefburger with grilled chicken strips, bacon, cheddar cheese twice and a sauce of your choice). There are a variety of vegetarian and fish burgers and the prices are reasonable.

The Bavarian says, “The most politically correct burger I’ve eaten.”

1. marienBurger, Marienburger Straße 47, 10405 Berlin

marienBurger Prenzlauer BergIt’s steamy and small, but if you want a good, honest burger, this is the place to go. You can see your food being made, you’ll get yelled at when it’s ready, the portions are good and the prices low. Highlights include the Chilli-Cheese Burger, the marienBurger and the vegetarian grünkernburger.

The Bavarian says, “The original burger, no fuss.”

13 thoughts on “Top Five Burger Joints in Prenzlauer Berg

  1. So much to do, and the list here is just *five* and “only” in Prenzlauer Berg. And then there are the other burger joints in the rest of the town! Me, in 9 weeks, I tried to “tap” into a variety of Döner in the Hauptstadt, but the best I’ve had is in Köln, and that’s a whole `nother story. 🙂

  2. If you’re looking for an excellent burger, you should check out Cafe Lentz [] in Kreuzberg, at the corner of Yorckstrasse and Grossbeeren Strasse. As an American who spent most of her 68 years in the US, I can honestly say that Cafe Lentz has the best hamburgers I have ever eaten! They have a veggie burger and, on request, will also make you a burger of grilled veggies. They have a chili cheese burger (cheese and jalapenos!), a barbecue burger, and a bacon-cheese burger) as well as just a plain ol’ burger. The have a lovely indoor dining area (with a kids’ play area) and a spacious outdoor area (also with a kids’ play area). If you tell them you live or work in the neighborhood BEFORE your order, they’ll give you a 10% discount. Check it out!

      1. Also – Cafe Lentz is just about a block from Gleichdreieck Park – If you’ve not been there, you need to. It’s huge and new and they keep expanding it. They’ve finally make a significant improvement – there are now 2 kiosks that sell snacks and drinks and offer restrooms. The part is HUGE and has so many fabulous things — all sorts of play grounds for kids of all ages, plus an undeveloped place where kids can just play in the dirt, as well as skate pits, basketball courts, trampolines, etc.

  3. Thanks for this! As a vegetarian tourist I can’t rely very often just on trip advisor for restaurant recommendations because it requires a lot of further investigation finding out about veggie options in each place. It was great you brought in the vegetarian angle. Very rare to see this outside the realm of “exotic” food.

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