10 thoughts on “Song about Prenzlauer Berg, in German

  1. Haha brilliant. I love Prenzl’berg though and lived there over the summer. I couldn’t really work out what about it was pretentious… at least not compared to somewhere like London. It just seemed to have loads of green spaces and old buildings and cafes and bars and restaurants and easy transport access to the rest of the city. How do you find living there?

    1. Well, not compared to London, but it is increasingly middle class and all hand-made textiles and bio-soya-lattes around here!

      However, it’s a nice place to live – quiet, with good transport links like you say, and lots of restaurants, bars and cafes – ultimately though, I find myself going to Kreuzberg or Friedrichshain to have a good time!

  2. Yeah I guess… I just thought it had a nice balance as in it was quite quiet and safe and pretty but you could easily get to other places to have a good time. I prefer East Berlin on the whole, when I move back I think I’m going to look at places like Friedrichshain and maybe further up towards Pankow as well. The rent is still unbelieveably good value compared to what you’d have to pay anywhere in the UK, let alone the capital!

  3. I wonder if … “ich kauf mir ein St├╝ck Land in Kreuzberg … Kreuzberg am Meer …” ­čśë

    (with nods to Marteria, Yasha, and Miss Platnum …)

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