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Tobo at Teufelsberg

Street Artist Tobo is a Berliner who has been tagging the city since he was eight years old. His easily recognisable character is a sassy dog called Erik Rotheim, named after inventor of the aerosol spray can Erik Andreas Rotheim.

I’ve always liked the idea of having a dog – especially as almost everyone in Berlin is accompanied by one – but their loyalty and sincerity are a little overwhelming. This dog, though, could be my best friend.

Here are some recent images of Tobo’s Erik Rotheim from Teufelsberg.

Tobo at Teufelsberg








art, Berlin, Life in Berlin

Berlin Street Art 3

One of my favorite walks in Berlin is along the S-bahn bridge from Alexanderplatz to Hackescher Markt.

You could be thinking about where you’re going and what you’re doing one minute, and the next, the plethora of street art in the middle of the city will snake around your mind and grab you.

It will make you smile or think or put a bounce in your step, like the dancing girl, who swirls along beside you for metres in a mist of glitter accompanied by the words, “It’s time to dance.”

Here are some photos taken from a recent walk along that path with a friend:

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Berlin Street Art 2

Just GraffittiFollowing on from my last post about Berlin Street Art I recently discovered what must be the best Berlin Urban Art Blog, run by JUST, who’s been recording the street art movement for over ten years.

You may have seen the word JUST graffitied across buildings all over Berlin – that’s him…

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Berlin Street Art

Berlin is a world hub for the street art scene. It is everywhere and, as is the nature of street art, forever being re-plastered and re-painted over. Here are some photos I took in Friedrichshain at the weekend…

For more on Berlin Street Art, this blog has info about well-known artists and crews working in the city,  The New York Times covered the subject a couple of years ago, this blog has some cool recent photos, and there are masses of images on Flickr.