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Short Film: Rhino Full Throttle, A Berlin Love Story

In ancient Rome, the term ‘Genius’ Loci existed, the ‘soul of the place.’ The soul of the city spoke to its inhabitants in the shape of a snake. Continue reading


Making a short film in 48 hours…

This weekend I took part in Shoot and Run, a Berlin-based project in which you and your team have just 48 hours to make a short film.  It’s a regular competition, which focuses on a different area of Berlin each time. The theme / genre that we were given at the 7pm registration on Friday … Continue reading

Premiere of The Line, Kastanianallee 77

Former Mayor of Berlin Klaus Wowereit described Berlin as “poor but sexy”, and there is nothing poorer or sexier in Berlin than its film-making community. Berlin has provided the inspiration for films such as Cabaret, Wings of Desire and The Lives of Others, and is home to over 100 cinemas (see list) and the Berlinale.  … Continue reading