Will Arnett on Wetten, Dass…?

Wetten, dass..? is Germany’s biggest Saturday night entertainment show, attracting around 10 million viewers (at its high point, it drew 23 million – in terms of figures, it remains Europe’s most successful show). It’s been on air since 1981, runs from between 2 and 4 hours, and centres around celebrities betting on outrageous stunts performed by ordinary people.

The first time I saw it, I thought, “The Germans are crazy.” I remember the show – it was this one, in which one of the bets was whether these lovely people could guess the animal by smelling its faeces:

So when I stumbled across this clip of Will Arnett talking about his recent experience on Wetten, dass..?, I could sympathise:

Wetten, dass..? is due to come off the air soon, due to a number of reasons, among which is falling ratings since the show’s popular long-term host Thomas Gottschalk resigned.

Read more about ZDF pulling the plug on Wetten, dass…? at The Local.

4 thoughts on “Will Arnett on Wetten, Dass…?

  1. Another hysterical show is (something like) “5 for Dinner.” There are 5 contestants, each of whom prepares and serves a dinner in his/her home for the other 4, who rate the dinner. Whoever has the most points, of course, wins. So far, so normal. HOWEVER while the host is preparing the meal, the audience is entertained by the guests going through the host’s home, looking at stuff, opening drawers, closets, etc., and commenting on whatever they find.

    1. Oh wait – I just realised I watch that sometimes! It’s called Das Perfekte Dinner or something (the German version of Come Dine with Me) – but the best of all, my very favourite, is Bauer Sucht Frau (Farmer seeks a wife) – every Monday, on RTL (which should give you an idea of the quality we’re talking)…

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