People in Berlin Sporting the Paedophile Look

A lot of people in Berlin are sporting beards and big plastic glasses at the moment, which reminded me of this video:

At first, I thought it was some weird flash phenomenon, but it has persisted. I’m pretty sure that it’s not the Germans doing it (they are rarely fashion victims) but the expats.

The question is, why? Clearly, it doesn’t make you look good, so that isn’t it. Maybe it’s the fact that it makes you look like you really don’t care? But that’s a lot of effort for ‘I don’t care’. Maybe it’s ‘the geek look’, reflecting the fact that, as sci-fi writer Neal Stephenson points out in this podcast, geek culture has become mainstream culture.

Then again, maybe it’s just fashion baby, and people will wear lemon peel in their hair and barbed wire dresses if its en vogue. In which case, I’ll point you to a short story about the dangers of being a fashion victim.

8 thoughts on “People in Berlin Sporting the Paedophile Look

  1. Thanks so much for stopping by my blog! Maybe you saw, but I lived in West Berlin for my last two years of high school – 1986-1988. I LOVE Berlin – was able to visit 2 years ago. Such a great city!

  2. Expats maybe imported the look (thanks Sweden for the beard and the ugly sky high waist line pants for women) but Prenzlberg-Mitte teens and twens have learned their lesson well 🙂

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