Is the CineStar in Potsdamer Platz the worst cinema in Berlin?

Yes, it is. I went to see the new James Bond film, Skyfall, there yesterday, and remembered why I stopped going there about a year ago.

They play over an hour of adverts before the film starts. First, they played normal adverts, then trailers, then they switched back to normal adverts again! It’s enough to make you lose the will to live, or, if you’re susceptible to advertising like I am, run out and buy everything in the entire world, from a Kinder egg to a Mini.

As if that wasn’t enough, they randomly stopped the film in the middle for an interval, so that people could get up and buy drinks etc, thus disturbing the audience’s suspension of disbelief and spoiling the flow of the film. I’m sure director Sam Mendes, the screenwriters and the hundreds of people who worked on the film intended it to be watched in one sitting.

A cinema – already packed and making money hand over fist – that starts interfering with the viewer’s experience to make even more money is an insult to everyone involved – creators and audience alike.

To see OV or Omu (original language, i.e. English) films, go to Hackeshe Hoefe, the Odeon or one of the cinemas in the Yorck group for an enjoyable experience.

That’s it – rant over…

6 thoughts on “Is the CineStar in Potsdamer Platz the worst cinema in Berlin?

    1. Ah yes, I knew I forgot something…

      I never liked Bond films until Daniel Craig came along and the whole thing became a darker, more thrilling affair, displaying a certain self-ironical humour…

      This film is in keeping with that and goes deeper into Bond’s character, focussing on him getting older, and, as an extension, changes in the nation and nature of espionage. (Also coinciding with the fact that this year sees the 50th birthday of the Bond movies).

      In a way, it’s the deepest Bond film yet, as it goes back to the character’s childhood, but I found the psychological / emotional stuff a little overdone.

      The action scenes were good, although one sequence did remind me of Home Alone. Quantum of Solace was much better in this aspect (although the story fell down in that film). The best is still Casino Royale – it will be interesting to see if they can make something as good again…

      The actors do a great job – in particular, Javier Bardem makes a wonderful villain!

      Not bad, but not great either

      Have you seen / have any interest in seeing it?

      1. Yes I saw it last week and really liked it. I’ll admit to being a bit of a Bond lover, but Connery then it went a bit meh! till Daniel Craig. I have loved the re-boot of the Bond story in the last 3 films, although disappointed by Quantum of Solice, it was necessary to tell his story. Casino Royale is a great film and Skyfall is back to the same standard. What I love about Bond (and Bourne for that matter) is despite not really liking “action” movies I love to suspend belief and enter the world of spying – the same goes for the BBC drama Spooks. I think it’s because we never really know what goes on in these sorts worlds, so for all I know it could all be very true to life (although I suspect not!!). Javier Bardem is fabulous in it. He really does evil quite well (see No Country for Old Men). I will miss Judy Dench though.

  1. I had the same experience at Cubix Alexanderplatz (also part of the Cinestar family). Same thing, an hour of advertisements, some trailers were even shown twice. People were thoroughly pissed and even clapped when the film finally began. We had an intermission of 15 minutes right during the shower scene. That certainly spoiled the mood in a lot of ways. A frustrating experience, I agree.

  2. Oh dear – sorry to hear that. I’ll add the cinema at Alex to my list of cinemas to avoid! I’m surprised there aren’t any rules about how much advertising they can bombard you with at the cinema like there are with TV…

  3. I had the same experience with the same “Skyfall” (OV) movie at the same Cinestar in Potsdamer Platz. I enjoyed the movie, but the pre-screening adverts just about put me into a coma. The intermission wasn’t necessary either; I don’t remember if any of the online listings or signage at the front-door or at the cashiers’ stands “warned” of a mid-screening “Pause.” I raged about this to people for a couple of weeks afterwards, but I eventually shrugged it off as another Berlin experience. ­čśë

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