East Berlin fights back against the yuppy invaders

Article in The Observer about gentrification in the east of Berlin….

I wrote a post on the subject over a year ago called The Anarchists of Friedrichshain

1 thought on “East Berlin fights back against the yuppy invaders”

  1. This is the ‘cycle’ of regeneration and is happening all over the UK too. Yesterday I was in the Shoreditch and Brick Lane area of London. I worked there in 1996/7 when it was still a place where you could have picked up empty blocks of flats and warehouses for almost nothing. Very reminiscent of Prenzlauer Berg and Freidrichein when I started visiting Berlin regularly to see my girlfriend around the same time.

    Now, after years of property development that has also priced out many of the artists, musicians and other creatives who had moved there alongside the locals, the chain restaurants are moving in and the area is in danger of losing what had once made it attractive – just as Kings Road, Kensington High Street and Camden have all done in their turn.

    I now live in a seaside town that has been the subject of a similar programme of regeneration over the last ten years and is seeing many of the stresses the Observer article describes in microcosm. The balance between preserving the things that make a place special while bringing in new energy and money to the local economy is one we are yet to crack, here or in Berlin.

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